Marvel has been a dream for the better part of 10 years. When the decision was made in 2017 to take the leap from passionate home cooking to opening our little kitchen in Paarl, this dream came into fruition.

Rossouw, who is a qualified IHS pastry chef and has received invaluable practical experience from Fritz Schoon, has been an immense asset as a working partner within the Marvel team. He’s delicious pastries and breads have been fundamental into turning Marvel in a success. 

Marvel shares a strong ethos around preservative free, organic, free range and slow movement food, supporting local suppliers wherever and whenever possible. 

Marvel strongly believes in sharing and every meal is tasted by staff for comment before being offered on our menu. We inspire our staff to cook their favourite meals from their cultural background for our patrons to enjoy. 

Welcome to our world of cooking, baking and great conversation over real food.